Index of Gil Brewer's Unpublished Manuscripts
The following manuscripts are available at American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming, where Gil Brewer's papers are housed. The titles listed are not currently associated with any published works. That does not mean they are all unpublished. It just means that published source has not been found yet. E-mail corrections and additions to The collection includes several incomplete novels. The only complete, unpublished novels in the collection are Firebase Seattle (247 pages), House of the Potato (248 pages), and The Paper Coffin (225 pages).

  Word Count

   First Line
 As I Lay Screaming About 60,000

I kept thing about Vivian.

 The Bargain  


 "Beetle's Bottle" About 4,000

The office was one of several fronts for Sam Peronti's various enterprises: Stockton Stipping Co.


His discharge from the U.S. Army read "Other Than Honorable," and he tore it up just outside the
gates of Leavenworth, where he had sojourned for five years, accused at the Court Martial of "inciting
riot and ordering his platoon to commit rape and murder," in an insignificant Vietnam village whose
name he could not recall.

 Blue Dusk  

He had been staring intently at the book in his lap for perhaps forty-five minutes, before he realized he
was not reading



 Clean Sweep (1976)  


 Colony of Death  


 Come Along with Me  

At eleven o'clock that night Herb Lait was still working overtime in the office of The Patterson Supply

 Companion in the Dark  

I, Monkhaus Reaver, unmoral, enormously fit, ugly, but captivating, too tall for conventional
comprehensions touched violently by my colorful dreams, my high-powered Rolls-Royce body-machine
running in neutral as usual, lay on the silvery Gulf beach sands, and fought it out some more.

 A Curious Bird  


 "Daylight Dynasty" (1976) About 3,500

Heaving a deep sigh, he closed the entrance door, which gleamed with gold filigree and silver leaf, then
turned and strolled through the large foyer down the gleaming black steps, and into the immense living
room of the sprawling apartment.

 "Death Is a Private Eye" About 20,000

I walked into it with my eyes wide open . . . .

 "Death Is the Sweetest Thing" About 4,000

Open your mouth, stick out your tough , and say, "Ah!"

 "Death Window" About 4,000

It was past midnight.

 "Death with a Ten Foot Pole" About 4,500

I was in Florida that July, licensed, bonded, with a palm-frond hat business on the side.

 Death's Head  


 Death's Indian Summer  



They had not spoken since entering the hotel room.

 Desperate Illusion About 60,000

He flicked on the bathroom light, blinking against its sudden glare.

 Devil in the Sunset  

It was dark. The rain had ceased.

 "Devotion" About 4,000

Looking at Jeanne, across from me in the booth at The Pyramid Club, I couldn't help cursing my lot as
I compared her to Helen, my wife.

 "Die Once -- Die Twice" About 5,000

Mrs. Loretta Brady called me on the intercom.

 The Doll  


 Early Darkness   About 60,000

I remember well how it started. . . .



 "Errors" About 2,500

Caroline Boswell checked again to make sure her husband was in the shower, then hurried downstairs
and over to the phone in the small alcove.

 Escape to Never  




 "The Explanation" About 2,000

Addy clicked the inset lock on the apartment doorknob, stepped out into the hall, and closed the door.

 The Evil Autumn  

"What is it?"

 The Evil Innocents About 55,000

He crested the hill over the railroad underpass through the first hint of this Wednesday evening's
mid-September twilight, and plunged through the glass-like chill along the sidewalk toward the old
soot-marbled frame house where he rented a room.

 "Fiasco" About 4,000

Herb Forrester shifted nervously in the straight-backed leather chair and looked across the vast
expanse of gleaming desk at Doctor Connell.

 Final Gesture  


 Firebase Seattle (1974)  


 Follow Me to Hell About 55,000

It was a hot Florida morning.

 Fountain of Night About 70,000

Violence slowly became a part of Cullen Hammett, until he lived out his harried nights and day
watching the eternal thunder within his own mind.

 Free Air   About 60,000

I spotted the dog over by the edge of the woods.

 "Friendly Persuasion" About 1,500

Love Me Too walked up to the middle-aged man who was seated on the shadowed bench by the railing
overlooking the river.



 "The Ghost of the Hermit Key" About 3,000

"It's a squall!" Chuck shouted.

 The Glitter Man About 55,000

I made up my mind I was going to rob the damned jewelry company right while Henry Linkton was

 The Golden Scheme  


 He Wouldn't Believe  



Sam Dillon sat with strained immobility in the big gold-and-black wing chair in the living room of his
spacious Florida Gulf front home, and nursed his fear.

 "Hell House" (1975) About 4,000

He whispered to her in the fragrant darkness of their bedroom.

 The Hook  


 House of Dolls  

When I left the apartment that morning, out at Calcutta Shores, I saw the black Olds convertible
parked across the street under a banyan.

 House of Rage  

The rain slanted down is sheets.

 House of the Potato About 75,000

Elmer Webb stared at Gramp, who was seated on the sun-drenched, paintless boards of the back
porch, and said bitterly, "But I don't want to talk with Ma!

 "Hung Up" (1977) About 3,500

Sheriff Reb Klayville had it strong on his mind all the time he was talking with Deputy Cliff Waters this

 "I Couldn't Tell You" About 3,000 

Des Brady hugged the wall of the shadowed hotel room, watching the side window where the fire
escape was revealed, dark lattice against the glowing light from the Pig Pen Club's neon.

 I Know You  

She turned to him in the front seat of the parked car.

 "The Idols' Secret" About 3.500

Jimmy Hartman quickly crossed the trophy room of his father's lodge, high in the Sandia Mountains,
near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 Incident at Lucerne  


 "Incident at Snake River" About 3,000

Dread breathed through camp with the coming of the soft night wind.



 The Intruder  


 The Invalid  


 It's the Kid  



He picked up the kid on The Tamiami Trail, not too long out of Hollywood, where he'd held up three gas
stations--Amoco, Texaco, Standard--and netted $489.00.

 "The Journal" Close to 1,000

Tonight I saw Miriam for the first time in a month.

 "Junk Yard Blues" About 2,500

Brinker yawned and lumbered to the front of the shack, which was fashioned of old billboards and
corrugated iron.

 The Killer  


 Killer in the House  

Caruthers was in the basement stacking old newspapers when he heard Rose scream.

 The King  


 The Knife  




 "Lapse" About 3.500

He came upon the hanging boy in the woods, at three-thirty that afternoon.

 "Lion-Eyed Moon Girl" About 3,500

I saw this old wreck of a '59 Cad creeping along the road, but really didn't think much of it.



 Looking Around  


 Love Is for Angels About 60,000

Owen told me she looked like a young Jayne Mansfield.



 Love's Weekend  


 Luna Caprice  



It took him two and a half years to make the break from a prison farm in Illinois.

 The Mad Scramble  


 The Man Who Collected Dolls  

Anxiety touched him with sickening familiarity as the door chimes echoed through the apartment.

 Mantis 36 (1976 & 1977)  


 "The Mark" About 2,000

The phone rang.

 The Mask  


 Meet Me in Hades  


 "Meeting" About 1,500 The Florida vacation hadn't worked, and we had three more days before I returned to the grind.


 The Milkman  


 Minus 196 C  

Martin Saxe leaned at the wind-torn open door of the Cessna 182, and gazed straight down at the tiny
Maryland airport, thirteen thousand feet below.



 Moment in Gehenna  


 "The Monster" About 4,500

A steady, misting rain freckled the windshield as Oliver Coe drove through the night.

 The Narrow House  

I stopped the coupe on the Gulf beach road out near Indian Rocks and looked across at this place.

 "Nepenthe" (1974) About 5,000

Megs said, "No, we can't.



 "Number One" About 1,500

He looked at me with those frogs' eyes of his.

 Oh Wow  


 Pain Is a Four Letter Word  


 The Paper Coffin  




 The Peeper  


 Pig in a Blanket  



Florine pouted.

 Pillow Face  


 "The Present" About 2,000

I was new. You gotta understand that, and about that panda.

 A Present for Cleo  


 Recollection in Red About 55,000

They have allowed me paper and pen, and thought I am in this cell for the time being, at least I have
that much freedom.



 The Right Man  

Wilson Shay leaned against the bar at the Palmdale Country Club, and tried to keep his excitement
down as he alternately peered across the dance floor and sipped his B&B.

 "Rope Enough" About 3,000

Roy felt only slightly nervous about the whole matter.

 Sara's Place  




 A Season of Change  


 The Secret  




 Should a Body Cry  


 "The Sickness" About 4,000

The African sun was a blister in the pale sky.

 The Skeleton (1982)  


 Sleep with Satan  

Morey Budd's season in hell really began on a shadowed October street in Ybor City, the old Spanish
quarter of Tampa.

 Soap Suds and Sable  


 Someone is Listening  


 Something Special for Benny  


 Sometimes I Love You - Sometimes I
Hate You


 "Southbound" About 2,000

They had only been married a month, and were on their way to Key West.

 Southern Comfort  


 Stranger at the Door About 60,000

He could almost taste the gloriousness of the day in late May beyond the dirt-grimed curtainless
windows at the back of his head

 Stand Them on Their Heads About 55,000

This Florida morning was a freshly peeled blister.

 Strangers Knock on Doors About 60,000

It was a fine August morning.

 Summer's Lease (1974)  






 "Suppertime" About 3,000

It was pretty much of an out-and-out ruckus, what with my three deputies chasing Herm Lolly in the
north woods, and the ambulance down by the barn to pick up Des Steggins' body where he'd been
hanged on the hay fork, and Doc Gargan trying to report, and me beating down Vervy Steggins' dogs,
so I could discuss matters with her

 Surrender the Dead  


 The Take  


 "Tell Me" (1976) About 1,500

My sister phoned and told me Dad was dead.

 The Test  




 The Tiger's Heart  

We were down to or last Cadillac, with a trunk full of expensive clothes and eighty-three dollars in the
till when we rolled into Bay Port on the Gulf coast of Florida at eleven o'clock on a hot Saturday night
in mid-July

 Time (1976)  


 A Time for Evil  


 "Too Long" About 1,500

"There must be some piece you can go," Lucille said.


Attenberry saw the blue steel automatic lying on the sidewalk as he left the dentist's office.

 "True Love" About 2,000

"Truth was, I'd always been leery of Uncle James.

 "Tryout" About 3,000

Suddenly, then, Carlton was standing on a vast, endless plateau of white sand.

 The Tube  


 "Tweak" (1977) About 3,500

Oh, man, look at that!





 "Understanding" (1978) About 3,500

I did not really notice any change in the way Elsa thought about me until the thirtieth year of our

 [untitled] About 60,000

I remember well how it started . . . .  It was three weeks before Christmas.



 Venuto's Castle (1976)  



It was a cheap hotel.

 A Visit from Morse (1977)  


 Vivalda About 55,000

She was up to no damn good.

 Vote for Me  




 A Water Bed for Marlene  


 "Whittle Whittle" About 2,500

Clarence Klutts started out his bedroom window at the ice storm.

 Window of Deceit (1978)  


 "Wit of the Gods" (1977) About 2,000

At first he could feel only a cold darkness, a wind that neither increased nor decreased, but breathed
in a steadied chill gust.

 With a Ten Foot Pole (1977)  


 The Zoo (1978)  


One way to determine the age of a manuscript is by the return address. If the return address pre-dates the use of zip codes, it is from the early 1960s or earlier.
Most of the manuscripts have the return address of Brewer's agent Scott Meredith. During the mid-1970s, the Scott Meredith Literary Agency moved from
Fifth Ave. (zip code: 10036) to Third Ave (zip code: 10022). Manuscripts with the Third Ave. address are among the most recent. The directory Literary
Market Place
first lists Meredith's Third Ave address in its 1976 edition. The following color code is used to indicate rough age:
Pink - no zip code; Green - Meredith's 10036 address (Fifth Ave.), and Dark Blue - Meredith's 10022 address (Third Ave.).